Friday, October 05, 2007

Go Dbacks!

So, my surprise on Wednesday for Alicia's birthday was 2 tickets to the first post-season playoff game between the Dbacks and the Cubs. The Diamondbacks won the game 3-1...there were 2 home runs by the Dbacks so it was pretty exciting!

Our tickets were section 305 row 3, so we were in the upper deck, but only 3 rows back, so the seats were actually pretty good. We were both happy about that!

A couple of interesting things happened in the game....There was this lady in front of us who kept standing up. It was annoying since we like to sit and enjoy the game. I mean, we're in the upper deck! You don't stand up in the upper deck! I can understand if you're down there close to the field, but the upper deck is reserved for us who just want to sit, relax, and enjoy the game....not the fanatics!

So, these Cubs fans behind us yelled "Sit down Lady!" She ignored them for a while, but eventually sat down. I cheered, not for the Dbacks, but because now I could see the game.

Later the lady turned around and said, "Can you believe those jerks telling me to sit down?" I said, "we wouldn't mind it if you sat down either" to which she looked surprised and said simething like, "we all have a right to stand up and I think it's rude to tell someone to sit down." I was as nice as possible and said, "well, I'm not telling you to sit down...I'm just saying we wouldn't mind it if you did."

She didn't stand as much after that, so it was a success!

When we left the stadium, right after we got outside and were on the sidewalk, we heard feet pounding behind us. I just figured there were some teenage kids running to get back to their car...screwing around...but then a Cubs fan and two cops brushed by us!

One cop said, "get down on the ground or I'll have to taze you!" I could see the red laser spot on the Cubs fan's back. The cops tackled him and started handcuffing him right there in front of us.