Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Day 8 - Costa Rica - Fly from Costa Rica to Phoenix through Houston

Saturday morning we got up early (4 AM), grabbed our bags and rushed out to meet the travel agency taxi dude. He was the same guy that took us from the airport on day 1. He was nice and took us on some back roads that got us to the airport quicker.

At the airport, we had to fill out some paperwork and then wait for our flight. We were sad to leave such a beautiful country, but eager to get home where we could sleep in our own comfortable bed and drive places without fearing for our lives! The driving experience in Costa Rica made us appreciate the wide roads, the street signs, the rules of the road, and the enforcement of those rules in the USA.

Day 7 - Costa Rica - Drive from Manuel Antonio to San Jose

It has taken me a while to finish documenting the Costa Rica trip. I've probably lost most of you by now, but just in case someone is interested, day 7 was a Friday. We basically just had a relaxing day at the hotel, with breakfast and beautiful views.

We went to lunch with Alicia's friend Krissy at a nearby spot that was basically a rooftop converted into a little cafe. The nachos were great and the views again were spectacular!

Soon afterwards, we had to check out of the hotel and begin the dreaded trip back to San Jose. Actually, the road back was quite good and didn't rain on us until we got into the city. There was only one notable incident that happened on the way back. A bus full of people was cutting people off, including me! This bus driver was crazy...he ran me off the road and then was passing cars and trucks on narrow roads. The whole time with a bus load of people! I don't think I will be taking the bus any time soon in Costa Rica!

When we got to San Jose, it was pouring! We luckily guessed the right street to take that took us right down into the middle and heart of the city. Since there were no street signs, we had to rely on the map and the landmarks. Alicia did a great job of finding landmarks, such as the hospital, cathedral, or town square and then counting the streets until we got to ours. The street that we turned onto was narrow and packed with cars, people and buses. Even though our hotel was only about three or four blocks from the turn, it took us forever to get there!

After arriving at the hotel, I dropped Alicia off and had to fill the car with gas. The car rental place informed me several times that I must leave it filled with "Super" (the type of gas, like Supreme). So, I got directions and in the pouring rain, tried to find the nearest gas station. I went in a couple of circles and had trouble finding a station, and then took a couple of wrong turns on the way back, but eventually I returned with a full tank of gas. Luckily, the car rental place came and picked up the car. The guy was right there at the front waiting. I was so relieved to be done with driving in Costa Rica!

I was starving, but we had no car and it was pouring rain, so I ordered Pizza Hut. They delivered and again we had a great meal! :)