Monday, April 16, 2007

Offer on house!

Well, we got an offer on our house last week, which we counter-offered and they accepted! So, as long as there are no hitches in the inspection and the loan process, we should be out of our townhouse by May 15th.

This last weekend Alicia and I looked at a couple of houses, both in the Awatukee area, which is south of South Mountain in Phoenix. One of the houses was almost 2300 sq feet and had everything re-done inside and out. The floor plan is split, which we like, and they even have a new Trane AC unit. We are both very sensitive to AC issues because we struggled with our AC and finally just replaced the unit even though we were moving.

We'll see what happens...I want to take my time because the housing market is slowing, but there is also talk of the interest rates rising, so maybe now is the best time. We will be moving our stuff out into PODS, which are portable containers which they deliver to your house and store for as long as you need and then re-deliver them. In the meanwhile, we will be living at Alicia's parent's townhouse, which is only a few doors down from our current place. Pretty convenient, eh? :)