Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It was great to get out and vote today. Alicia and I went early this morning and saw a long line coming out of the community center. We got in line and then were told we were in the wrong line, which was perfectly fine because the line we were supposed to be in was at least half as long. :) Then, after being in the new line for a couple of minutes we heard, "If your last name begins with the letter 'S' through 'Z' please get into the line on the right!" Finally, it pays to have a last name that begins with a letter at the end of the alphabet. The third line we got in was even shorter! In no time, we were showing our id, getting our ballots, and then drawing lines with markers. Here in AZ, they have an arrow by each candidate that is disconnected in the middle. You must connect the arrow with a black marker for the candidate you wish to vote for. It's interesting how every state is different, isn't it?