Thursday, October 12, 2006

Brother Vinny

My brother Anthony who has taken on the name of "Vinny" came to visit this last weekend and we had a blast! We golfed every day he was here....and YES, I beat him EVERY TIME! Yeah! I did have the home course advantage because I have played each of these courses a few times before. When I visited Vinny up in his neck of the woods, he beat me at his home course, so now we're even!

The first day Vinny was here we played Longbow with my father-in-law, Jimmy. It was so windy that we were miserable, but at just shy of $25 for 18 holes, a cart, and practice balls, we weren't complaining too much.

Next was The Raven, which we played in beautiful weather, but dry conditions because they were preparing for overseeding. It was very difficult to stop the ball on the green and actually, also in the fairway...the balls would tend to roll more and drain into the plethera (yes, I said plethera) of bunkers.

Finally we played Club West, which has the best views of any of the three courses in my opinion. There are two par 3's with elevated tee boxes and gorgeous vistas. The funny thing about Sunday was that we arrived just barely in time to pay and get on the first tee box and we had the best round of the weekend! :)