Monday, September 19, 2005

Amazing show!!!

My friend Pam had a guy back out on her invitation to Movin' Out...a Broadway musical that is on tour across the nation; now at Tempe, AZ. She called me Sunday morning and asked if I wanted to go! What? Are you crazy? Of course I wanted to go!!! So, Sunday at 2pm Pam picked me up in her shiny black corvette and we went to the show.

At first I thought it was kind of strange because I wasn't expecting a sort of pop ballet set to Billy Joel music. I guess I was expecting a musical where the actors had lines and also sang....something like West Side Story. At intermission Pam and I talked about it and we both liked the show and admitted that it wasn't what we expected, but was very good.

The show only got better after the intermission. The music and dance reached inside of me to the point where I was almost overwhelmed with emotion. It was amazing! Music sometimes does that to me...I actually had to concentrate and breathe so that I didn't fall apart. I don't think Pam noticed, but I was struggling there for a few minutes. At the finale, the crowd could hardly contain themselves and of course the performers received a well deserved standing ovation. It took me several minutes of walking to the car before I came out of the clouds and down to the hot, desert earth.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Smells like Dog!

We're taking care of Alicia's parents' Shih Tzus while they are playing in Hawaii for a couple of weeks. They are great dogs, but make the place stink like dog! I can't wait until Wednesday when they come home to pick them up! Biscuit and Cupcake are their names, but when I take them out to do what comes naturally, I call them Spike and Killer! :)