Monday, January 21, 2008

Clint and Camille

My good friends, Clint and his wife Camille, came to visit us the weekend before last. I haven't posted anything about it because I was waiting for pictures. Alicia was gone last weekend to Dallas to visit friends and had the camera to download the pics.

They were here Friday through Monday and so I'll give a little summary of what we did together.

Friday evening we went to eat at this Barbecue joint in Tempe Town Marketplace. That is a new shopping area that is at Rio Salado Pkwy and the 101 in Tempe, Arizona. I hadn't been there before so it was neat to see. It is an outdoor shopping mall and there was a stage where a live band was setting up to perform and a outdoor fireplace with comfortable seating.

Saturday afternoon we took them out to Chandler to see our new house that is being built. They had finished all of the electrical and the foam pads with the chicken wire were on the outside of the framing for the stucco to be applied and the roof with the tar paper was all in place. We also got a key from the Shea Homes sales office to see the spec home for sale in our area so we could show them what our home would look like.

That evening we went to the Supercross event at Chase Field (home of the Diamondbacks). We had nosebleed seats, but we could actually see the whole course.

Sunday we went to Sedona, AZ and saw went on a Jeep Tour to Soldiers Pass. Our tour guide was Claudette and she had some interesting and far fetched tales to tell us. On the way back to Phoenix, we stopped by Jerome, which was an interesting old mining town built on the side of a mountain. The town was in the middle of some switchbacks. It was the strangest place to build a town in our opinion.

Monday we did some racing at F1 Racing in Phoenix, Arizona. The races were fun but were $25 a race. We wanted to race more, but at that price we passed. We went to Scottsdale to the Fashion Square and the ladies did some shopping while Clint and I tried to find something to do. Oh, and we saw "I Am Legend" with Will Smith at the theater in the mall. I thought the movie was ok...not great...but not bad.