Friday, February 23, 2007

Ski Sunrise Park Resort

Last weekend, Alicia and I went up to Pinetop to visit her parents and go skiing at Sunrise Resort, which is located nearby in the Arizona White Mountains.

Some of our friends were up there for the weekend as well, so we met them at the mountain and skied with them. The day was sunny and warm. I was frequently taking off my hat and gloves and unzipping my jacket to cool off. It felt like spring skiing. The good thing about the warmth is that it softened the packed snow so it was nice for snowboarding.

Alicia rented her ski equipment from a local rental spot and her boots were killing her shins and calves all day. That's one big reason why I switched to snowboarding. The snowboard boots are so much more comfortable than ski boots, so it was an easy switch.

Later that evening we went over to our friends' house and played poker and a game called "Catch Phrase". The game is mostly luck, but it was fun because we played men against women and even though the women kicked our butts, it was fun to see how we describe things and become competitive. I think all of us guys want a rematch! :)