Monday, November 20, 2006

Obadiah Parker rocks the house!

Some of you may have seen a video on youtube or heard on the radio of a guy named Mat Weddle. He is a local guy here in Phoenix, AZ that is very talented. By the way here is a link to his youtube video where he sings an accoustic version of the song "Hey ya" by's terrific!

So, when I found out that Mat Weddle lives in phoenix, I went to his band's website and found out he was playing at a small venue only like 3 miles from my house, so I said "I'm there dude!" and went last friday.

I thought for sure that the other two band members of Obadiah Parker would just be "ok" but I was terribly wrong. The base player was amazing, was all over the neck of that bass. The girl on the keyboards was also very, very talented and broke out the trumpet of all things on some of the songs.

These guys were so good live that no one could help but shake their heads or even dance to the groove they were laying down. I was so impressed that I bought a CD from Mat's parents....yes, you heard right, his parents were there selling the CDs and supporting their son. It was heartwarming to see them there at 10pm on a Friday night supporting their son like that. They had smiles on their faces a mile wide and you could tell they were proud.

Actually, I was a little disappointed in the CD because Obadiah Parker was soooooo goooood live! It is rare when a band is better live than on their CD. Don't get me wrong, the CD was good, but it was a little rehearsed or lacked the feeling I think. The CD only has 5 songs on it (which I knew before buying it) and they are trying to get another CD released before Christmas.