Sunday, September 03, 2006

Guys weekend of Golf in Prescott

Last friday after work my friend Med and I headed up to Prescott with Med's friend Sensai for a guy's weekend of golf. We got up there in good time for our 2:15pm tee time at StoneRidge golf course, which is a beautiful desert/mountain course design. It was a beautiful afternoon and the course was in excellent shape, but we didn't know what was in store for us.

We found out on hole #2 that we were not allowed to drive the golf carts on the fairways, but would have to leave the cart on the cart path and carry a club or two to our ball. This doesn't seem like a problem, but this course was hilly and most times my ball was on the other side of the fairway. We were so worn out and tired by the time we were done that when we got back to Sensai's cabin in Prescott, we just wanted to pass out. That evening another friend, Will, arrived and the foursome was complete.

Saturday morning we played a cheaper course, that was ok, but the most challenging part was trying to tell what the distances were, due to few yardage markers. The ranger on the course was very friendly and helped Will with his swing on the driving range, came by occasionally to give us tips on a particular hole, and afterwards in the clubhouse gave us some reviews of golf balls.

That afternoon we went to downtown Prescott and Sensai showed me around. It has an old town feel with a central square and little shops all around it. The people seemed very friendly and the air was cool and clean. I could get very used to this town!

Sunday we tackled Antelope Hills. This was the favorite course of all of us. It was just right for me....challenging, but forgiving. We played the North course, which was very green and had lots of big trees, which sometimes got in the way. :)