Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Crappy Christmas!

That is exactly what my wife, Alicia, called this Christmas. The reason being that we were supposed to travel up to Lakeside/Pinetop for Christmas to spend with her parents up in the pines, sipping hot chocolate, and enjoying the holiday decorations that had been so carefully and lovingly placed.

However, our plans started to change when we found that Alicia's mother came down with the flu and that her father wasn't feeling well either. We were questioning whether we should go up and not only possibly catch the virus, but also force her parents to be hosts to us rather than rest. If you know Alicia's parents, they will not rest if they have guests, even if they are on their deathbeds. They are too nice!

Our questions were answered when, on the Friday before Christmas, I came down with the flu. We felt terrible that Alicia's parents had spent so much time, money and effort on the Christmas extravaganza and we weren't coming up to enjoy it with them! Not only that, but her parents drove down here to Mesa to spend Christmas with us in the townhouse. Alicia's mother was feeling better by then, but her father was as sick as I was, yet they still drove down here! We should have driven up there!

Oh well, our Christmas was Crappy, but at least we spent it with Alicia's family. My family was up in Idaho and Utah freezing their butts off! I did get to talk with all of them on the phone and wish them all a merry Christmas and complain to them how badly I was feeling! :) What's better than the sympathy of family?